Get Your Window Wells Repaired in Winnipeg

Keep your window wells in Winnipeg up-to-par with repairs and services from Sturgeon Construction Ltd. Your basement’s window wells play a vital role in keeping moisture out of your home when your basement has been built below grade level, or ground level. Leaks or damage done to these wells can cause serious damage to your basement or foundation if they do not redirect the collection of water properly.

Window Well Necessities

Window wells are used for one main purpose: preventing soil from filling in against your basement windows. Window wells also redirect water through a weeping tile and away from your home. If these window wells are not installed properly, or have damage done to them, you risk basement water leakage as well as soil filling near your home. This can cause foundations to crumble, mold to grow and more.

If your window well does not provide adequate draining, you run the risk of accumulating water – it may look like an aquarium outside your window! This water accumulation can pour straight into your basement, causing leaking, or worse, flooding.

Get started on your window well repair or installation now by calling Sturgeon Construction Ltd. Our team is dedicated to our clients, repairing or servicing your window wells in Winnipeg with quality workmanship.

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